"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

19 July 2011

Badlands [Lament, Prayer, and Hymn]

One of my misguided poetic attempts. This was done to someone I was saying goodbye to. Done and over. All the same, I wished them a little luck...

I see lines through names
and I know what it is you are doing,
Walking away
and cauterizing wounds,
A wise course of action
but be mindful of the infections,
Septic self-destruction
bubbling up from psychic wounds,
I know this better
than most,
Though you might know
more than I

Sometimes you must go into the badlands
to learn the lesson anew,
To see with fresh eyes
and gain a different perspective,
Whether the badlands are the dirt and rock
beneath your feet,
Or somewhere within
the recesses of your soul,
It doesn't matter
it's all one and the same

Learn the lesson
of oblivion,
Face the demon in the dark
and have it over for tea,
Kiss the angel
upon the forehead,
Take a picture
of a lotus and a dragonfly,
Have a simple moment
of zen excellence

Humptey-Dumptey had a great fall-
Humptey-Dumptey needs to put themselves
back together again,
Without all the kings horses
and all the kings men

Despite everything
that has happened before or since,
There are those
who will wish you luck on your sojourn
out in the badlands,
Who despite everything
that has happened before of since,
Wish you well

-7, July 2006 CE


  1. This was hard because I could see someone writing something similar about me. I loved it, but I saw a lot of myself in it which was worrying. You continue to draw me in with words.

  2. I also see (read) a lot of me in this. I guess it's human nature to push the boundaries of failure before turning back and learn some lessons. I used to spend a lot of time cringing when I realized I made a mistake, I still do. But I also figured out that I need to move on, after repenting, and look for opportunities to amend.

  3. Loght208; Sorry this was difficult for you. However, I am glad you liked it.

    Shopgirl; It's good you learned that.

  4. Obviousy, this was written about somebody you cared about enough to tell it like it is. There's no trace of bullshit,and no sugar-coating. I suppose that's why the last line comes across as completely sincere. Well done.

  5. It's another story. Thank you for your kind words.