"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

15 August 2010

Pre-Rock and/or Roll Show Muses

Sabina and I are both fans of what could be termed as world music. It's hard to say who went that way first, or if it was a mutual thing. My tastes are a little more to the African, and I can groove on some middle eastern and Indian folk, as well as the Indo-fusion stylings of Prem Joshua. As of late, Sabina has been digging more toward Americana and Bluegrass. Sure, there are those who might not see Americana or Bluegrass as overly worldly, but the banjo is African in origin, and rural places, even and especially in the backwoods of the south could certainly count as another nation-state, if not a whole other space-time continuum.

I would have like to have seen Habib Koite the last time he performed in this part of the world. Finances prevented it, which was frustrating. Of course, I'd have had to deal with crowds too. Whilst he's played with Bonnie Raitt and gotten a little more recognition outside of his native Mali, I don't know when he might be back this way.

Somehow, Sabina scrimped up enough paper to see her very favoritist band ever. The one she's just about a deadhead about. Recently, she told me fans of this band are the trekkies of music, which is something I'm not sure I'd be proud of, but, then again, it is said pride's a sin.

This band is another international act, being a three-piece from the Dominion of Canada. Sort of like the Tea Party and Neil Young, although, I confess I like the Tea Party a little better, these other cats ain't too bad. Some talented lads. Well, for being Canadian. I mean, how seriously can you take anyone who cannot pronounce the word about?

Probably about as seriously as someone who says ya'll and reckon, I reckon...

They're supposed to be in the sub-genre of prog-rock, like Yes. I always wanted to do a Yes tribute band called Maybe, is that wrong of me? Sure, I can't play an instrument, but neither can the members of Kiss or techno DJs, neither of which appear to be starving. Someone once told me Peter Gabriel could be called prog-rock, and I really dig him, even if he is British, which brings its own set of problems and pomposity, and if you don't believe me, go and read some Kipling.

Because I like, like Sabina, I'll go with her to see this Canadian act. I might even wear my kufi, although you might need to be one of those deadhead/trekkie types toward the band to get why. This band does have one or two toe-tappers I dig. I'm hoping they'll play my favorite;

If not, I'm sure they'll do that Mark Twain-esque one...

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