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05 March 2010

Meal Drinks

I bought beer specifically for the stir-fry supper I'll be whipping up. Wine is fine, when it comes to most dinners, but sometimes beer is order. Or tea. Or ginger brew. Or water. It depends upon mood and context.

As an indulgence, I swung by the Sweet Shoppe, up the other side of the junction, on my way home and had a buffalo burger. I'd been jonesing for a good burger for a few days, and, knowing I was going to be out and about, decided a blustery late winter day beyond the edge of the world was a perfect day to satisfy that jones. With this meal I had a Mexican Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. My ginger brew that I make from scratch is the closest I get to soda on a regular bases, so one Coca-Cola every now and again is not such a bad thing. Well, as long as I am mindful as to the time of day I drink it.

Besides, there's just something about sipping soda from a glass bottle...

The pairing of beverage with whatever food can be something of an adventure. There was a wine shoppe in the greater metroplex Sabina and I used to patronize, and the staff would ask us what meal, or meals, I was going to be making, so they could suggest the perfect bottle of wine. It was one of those staff members who turned me on to a particular beer from Singapore that goes oh so swimmingly with vindalhoo curry. Now, that's customer service.

Jasmine tea might go well with this stir-fry I intend to make too. In fact, I'm sure it would, because tea can compliment stir-fry just as well as beer. It's by virtue of the Thai curry I intend to use that makes beer a much more appealing option. Just a little zingy spice; not as much as I'd like, but enough of a bite for Sabina. We'll have beer because it fits like a hand in glove. Then, after dinner, once the dishes are done and we relax into the evening, perhaps a glass of wine. All of which will be in perfect context.

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