"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

27 August 2017


Sometimes, when meditating upon the next phase of our adventures, I can get so restless I can all but taste the sea spray and hear the songs of whales...

Then I go for walk, whether it's about town or out in the bush. I take in my surroundings. The wind and weather, that interplay of light and shadow, those tiny details you can only really notice when moving at people speed. Sometimes, I run into a fellow walker, and, after I help them back up, we have one of those moments of simple human interaction that gets me to smile, to get me to have a little hope for my species instead of thinking we are merrily careening toward extinction.

It is then I catch myself feeling morose, as though I am being forced into exile...

An opportunity has been presented. A gift given, which is the metaphor of being handed a winning lottery ticket. What would you do? Turn it down? No, it's cool, I'll just hang here, thank you, though.

No, I don't think you would, and, though I ache, I cannot turn this away either...

Mei fei tsu. It's coming and there is little can or want to do to stop it. I stand upon a knife and my feet bite into both edges of the blade. So it goes.


  1. Do it, my friend. You are. destined for something out there. Go find it, do it. The only think I've done that I would wish for you is to regret nothing. Go do the world, you are something for the world to share.
    Your pal,

    1. Thanx for the words of encouragement. Although I do not believe in fate, I also know this is something that will happen. My goal is to be on my way by fifty, at the latest. As of yesterday, I have five years.

      I do still love this place and had never intended to leave it. I've dug in. With the exception of the farmstead I lived on from four until thirteen, this will be the on place I've lived I shall truly miss, which just shows me how special it is.

      Further adventure awaits, though...

    2. It sounds like your mind is made up - besides, at our age, the unknown is not nearly as frightening as we have survived decades of the unforeseen. I think I'm a bit jealous if you are literally destined for sand and sea. I've lived in the jungles of Guatemala, the mountains of Colorado, the greenness of Pennsylvania...but the beach? I've only dipped my toes in while visiting. My heart longs for a season there...

      Please, write about your journey...some of us are vicarious vampires, you know. Feed us. :)

    3. Where my land is it's more lava rock cliffs, jungle, and ocean than sand, but I have seen a whale there. Certainly, when I arrive, there will be tales to tell.


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