"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

19 May 2016


I have mentioned having encounters from cats from all across the planet. This sort of thing happens when you live where others come to vacation. Every so often I have someone ask me for a space in which show devotion because it's prayer time. I do not prey unless it is in context of the food chain, but I accommodate, finding a them a quiet place and pointing which direction is east. They're always polite, and, sometimes, frightened to ask, which is sad, but not unexpected given the sociopolitcal climate of the day. A year back, it was a couple of skiing students with a Call to Prayer app on their phone. Fantastic. Today, it was a couple.

I had a class to set up, and left them to their devotional with a fellow proletariat making sure they were not disturbed. Upon my return, I was given notations of the exact longitude and latitude of Mecca for the Qibla direction and many thanks. They had wanted to thank me in person, but so it goes.

It got me to smile...


  1. Cool. Could you go into a bit more why you were there with them at that time? e.g. your guiding business, etc.
    Could you send me email your business addy, etc. I might be coming through there in the mid-late summer.

    1. Lemme check and see if the organization has their webpage up and looking pretty and I'll send you the link. The short answer is I am employed through a preservation group that runs a visitor center/gift shop, a cultural arts center, and looks after a few rental properties, and I wear more than one metaphoric hat in it all.

  2. I do not pray myself...but I always respect other people when they are praying and give respectful silence where appropriate. I wish you a beautiful Sunday, kind sir.