"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

07 July 2015

The Number of Seasons

A recent acquisition; a moose skull. It hangs upon the back door now...

Rain has been falling, but that is nothing new. Thus far, it's been a wet summer. Although, the last three days have been cooler and not as humid, getting Sabina to fatalistically ask who stole her summer. She can be the type to see the grey cloud behind the silver lining, whereas I tend to be a little more positive. It balances us out.

Here it is, just a few days into July, and I've yet to get up on the tundra or poke about in gulches I wish to explore. We've yet to go camping. I know there's still time, but that time is but a few short weeks and there's all the demonic details in between, which also must be dealt with. Blink and you'll miss it and the snow will be flying.

Sabina's parents have a place in Hawaii-times is hard-of which they want us, her sister and bother-in-law, nephew and new wife to visit in January. Around the time of their fifty-sixth anniversary. Everything paid. You'd be excused for thinking I'd already have my frame pack stuffed to the gills for tropical adventure.

I didn't lose anything in Hawaii. The islands I want to see are Madagascar, Borneo, and/or the Galapagos. The idea of being stuffed into an airplane, thirty-thousand feet above the surface of the world's oceans for almost ten hours holds little appeal. Flying machines are not made for people with my measurements.

Endeavoring to be positive, I try to look at the adventure aspect, because adventures can suck when you're having them. I know this firsthand. Sabina's parents seem to like me well enough, and the only thing I'm spending is time. From the naturalistic standpoint, I've never been to the tropics and only seen the ocean two to three times in the nearly forty-three years I've been alive. Even then, I've only seen the Atlantic. This could be an opportunity to see whales. There's an observatory at fourteen-thousand that could be neat to check out. I could get a story out of it.

Sabina has similar thoughts to mine. So we try to look at from angle of what appeals to us. Her parents speak of not knowing how much longer they'll be in Hawaii. Her father is nearly eighty, and, whilst active, not as active as some of the seniors of my acquaintance I've summited thirteen-thousand peaks with just for want of something to do.

This got Sabina to ask me how many more summers we have. How long before our idea of summer fun is a walk around town and stopping to watch the river amble by, for our trekking days are behind us. Personally, I'll want to be shot in the face-twice-if that day ever comes, for I have no time to belly-up and quit. Remember, I am the one who aches for the lifespan of a star.

There's several billion seasons left. Well, at least until the sun goes red giant and consumes the planet. There'll be no more seasons. Period. Hopefully, by then, our species, or whatever its evolved into, if its not wiped itself out-see? I can be negative too-will have expanded out into the cosmos.

Perhaps I think on too grand a scale, which is why the demonic details sometimes get missed. Here and now, time may be short, but there's enough of it for those gulch treks and at least one camping trip. We're scheduled to go up to Santiago-alpine!-in five days. Suddenly, it looks like I may have an opportunity for something tropical in the cold of deep winter. Part of me is not thrilled by the location or how I have to get there, but I know better than to totally poo-poo it. After all, it's an adventure, and how can I really say no to that?


  1. Not that you need my advice, but clearly go. I have to admit Hawaii is not my first, second etc choice, but what the hell. Surrender to the dark side, get burned on the beaches, get in the water as much as possible, snorkel, etc. Wish I could recommend the local food, but spam was never my favorite. Your mileage may vary.
    I may have a similar somewhat vacation planned around the same time. I'll let you know.

    1. There was an icon I saw once, which read;

      "Come to the Dark Side...we have cookies!"

      They live outside of Pahoa, which is apparently not as touristie as other parts of the Big Island. I'd rather go to Alaska for my chance to see whales, but I know it'd be foolish to pass this up.

      I do hope they have something more imaginative that fifty billion ways to do Spam. For fuck's sake, all the sea food alone...

  2. I don't know the Big Island so well, as I lived on Maui, but go, man! It's the tropics in the dead of Winter--all expenses paid--what's not to like?? The food is good, the fruit is awesome (guava, papaya, mango, hanging like jewels on the trees...oh my...). Water is warm and aqua bright, filled with Angel fish and sea turtles and whales. The volcanoes are incredible, too.

    And I never actually saw a Spam. They must have been hiding in the deeper jungle foliage... ;D

    1. I fear the possibility of sharks. Here I live somewhere that's not seen salt water for seventy-seven million years and the only creature I fear-besides humans in groups of two or more-is sharks. Irony. However, the whole whale thing is what has been intriguing me.

  3. A little salt water and whales will be so good for both of you. I hope Sabina already started packing your stuff, cause you're goin'.

    1. We always pack our own gear, that's the way of it ;). It'll be an adventure.

  4. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts; the convolutions of spirit and experience and frustration and discovery - travel teaches one so much about the gem that is possibility and 'new'...and the treasure that is home. Fly well and true and tell us everything!