"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

30 December 2014


Five years back, my mother was in the midpoint of her final seventeen days. That bardo in the sickhouse before my brother and I would stand over her emptied shell. Cooling meat that stank of disease. Neither my brother or I had coins to place over her half-lidded eyes.

I started this by trying to explain the concept of everyone having their place in the world. Kashmir being the buzzword. Although, I had been purging my words into the spider's web of cyber for six years already, I wanted to do something new. Something I felt was more reflective of the me who had been living in the mountains for a few years.

New mythology? New narrative? Choose your buzzword, I reckon.

Five years on, I've told some stories and shared a few walkabouts. I still believe in Kashmir, head, heart, and gut. If the concept of worship did not involve submission-dogs submit, I bare my jugular to no one and nothing-I would say I all but worship the mountains. Perhaps totalmuthafuckingrevere would be the better adjective. 

Something that is most important, at least to me, is I am still interested enough to leave my words here. Whether or not anyone else reads them. It does seem the concept of the blog is getting a bit trite. TLDR, is a term I've seen and heard of. Look to social media for quick quips and kitty pictures. However, you want a story or a missive about living where others come to vacation? Come and talk to me.


  1. I'm always puzzled by the notion that blogging is dead, or dying. Says who? Probably the people who can't form a coherent sentence.

    I need more than initials and shorthand to communicate; would rather read a full story than scan brief alphabets that have no true meaning.

    To each his own, I guess. Though nobody will ever convince me that writing will eventually be replaced with mindless drivel, because WTF, that would be a person TSTL, for sure... ;D

    1. I do notice the cats who do something like Myspace-archaically-or Facebook with more frequency are the ones who would write two and three word or sentence entries several times a day on a sight like Live Journal, here, or Word Press, but nothing of substance. There does seem to be a distinct difference between those who write online verse someone who does the kitty pictures.

      It does seem, though, there are less of the writers these days. Nessa, Chantel, Light208, and Sally-Sal are a few that spring to mind whom I rather miss, and, on the rare as hen's teeth occasion something of theirs appears, I am all kinds of Holmes-like interested. Perhaps this is cyclical. Maybe it's just life happens and throwing some words out upon a medium such as this isn't overly important.

      Altogether, I've been doing this sort of thing on one site or another for eleven years now. I've seen a few ebbs and flows. It will be interesting to see how this medium continues to evolve or if it will eventually just wither away into ether, either, and or.