"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

12 February 2012


Some attempt to grow and change. Some stagnate and fester in the security blanket of it's always been that way. Some going walking after midnight, listening to mournful acoustic African songs in the half-light of firefly lanterns. Some proclaim their affection for another in invisible ink and poems written in the riddle tongue of dragons.

A minstrel mantra;

"Some got to go,
Some play the role,
Some scream in horror
just for show 
Some got no reason,
Some got no hope,
Some like it loud..."

There is the rising and setting of the sun. Building and dissipating clouds. The movements of the stars and halcyon days. The snake's tails and rabbit holes. The passing of great storms and times of smooth sailing. Moments of true goodness and unspeakable fucking evil, all seen through the subjective eye. A stairway to Heaven or highway to Hell. Two sides of the coin. Sit under the bodhi tree and figure out the Tao. Either kiss the face of the Divine or hit the downward spiral.

I'm not a joiner, but all the same, I might just be going up or down, side to side, with the rest of you...


  1. I hadn't pegged you for a Motley Crue fan...

    1. Thank you for catching the reference...I loooooved that song when I was twelve/thirteen. They were one of my favorites until about I was about eighteen, when I was really grooving on Bad Brains and Ministry.

    2. I was going to marry Tommy Lee when I was twelve. However, I was fickle-hearted. By the time I was thirteen I'd moved on to James Hetfield.

  2. Great part about the "mournful acoustic African songs in the half light of firefly lanterns", I enjoyed the vision that gave me.

    1. Thank you. By the way, I'm still figuring out how to answer your inquiry.