"I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with the nonhuman world and somehow survives...Paradox and bedrock."-Edward Abbey

03 May 2011

Survey Says...

Hey you groovy cats and chicks,

So, just the other day, a storyteller of whom I admire asked me quite politely to submit one of my stories to a creative non-fiction 'zine. This was very flattering, even and especially since I believe this gentleman strings words together in a far more articulate fashion than I. Perhaps I have gone quite mad, though, because I've found myself somewhat considering proposal.

Which brings me to my reason for this, and it is not without difficulty, for I dislike asking assistance of anyone; which tale should be sent to have powerful creatures smoking big cigars at said 'zine laugh at? I have a few considerations of my own, but I figured I'd solicit the perspective of those of you who sometimes look over these words I purge out of my skull.

Who knows? We all may even be considering the same stories. Wouldn't that be something?

Kai pei...


  1. I love all your posts and I think you definitively should submit one of your stories (or several) to magazine. It's quite hard to say which one... I re-read a couple of your posts and my vote goes to "Snow".

  2. Thank you for your imput. I received a correspondece from another friend of mine regarding the same story:).

  3. I need to (re)read "snow" - my favorite so far is your piece on "tea".

  4. Are you referring to the piece titled The last Infusion, in which I'm saving my last little bit Nepali tea? I still have that last little bit, by the way. The occasion has not yet arisen to drink it.

  5. Hi Robbie. I'm really pleased to hear you are thinking of submitting your work and I wish you the best of luck with it. I have enjoyed your posts and at the moment my vote goes to either Carol or Snow.

  6. Hello, back, and thank you for your input.

  7. Of those you've posted this year, my absolute favourites are:
    Hero of love
    Loosing my religion
    Year one, the lament
    and Dinner with Dad.

    Probably in that order. It is hard because your writing is great - perhaps these ones are just the ones I connect to most.

    Good luck with your decision making.

  8. Thank you for your input. This decision is certainly becoming a little more difficult than I initially anticipated.

  9. I believe that it's very hard decision since all your pieces are perfect. Do tell us which story you'll suscribe, and also when it'll be published.

  10. Don't worry, I will. Ya'll have my word on that.